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The aim of the Hungarian Anti-Corruption Association is to protect whistleblowers who identify and disclose misuse of public funds or ad hoc or systemic corruption, to investigate, detect and expose corruption, to significantly reduce corruption, to eliminate it as a long-term goal, and to facilitate the adoption of measures to prevent corruption.


Petition: fair, non-partisan funding for municipalities!

The Hungarian government has recently established a funding system that discriminates against municipalities where Fidesz is in a minority in the councils or where it does not hold the mayoral position. KELLESZ has launched a petition calling on Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, to take firm action against discrimination, which is also in breach of EU law. KELLESZ asks everyone to sign the petition!

Request to the European Commission concerning fair,
non-partisan funding for municipalities in Hungary


Press release: Handing over the petition to the European Commission (22.09.2021)


Handing over the petition to the European Commission, all photos in * .zip.

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VAT fraud and corruption scandal in Hungary

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